Matt Kelly for Fredericksburg, Virginia City Council

The Issues

The Goal:

Maintaining Fredericksburg’s unique historic small-town atmosphere is critical to the city’s future viability.  It is what attracts people to live here, visit as tourists, and lure businesses looking for a good quality of life for their employees.

It is important to remember that we are a city of only 10.4 square miles. Future commercial and residential development should complement the city’s character to ensure a viable and diverse taxbase to support city services and quality of life.

In planning for the future, we must also consider the impact of growth in the region, recognizing opportunities for cooperation while ensuring that we do not allow the city to lose its unique character.

Realistic solutions will require considering all options, engaging affected parties, weighing divergent views, and addressing all questions and concerns.

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Historic Preservation is critical to the future well-being of Fredericksburg.


Protecting the Rappahannock River, establishing parks and open spaces, and planting trees are not only good for the environment they provide..


We can continue to complain about the lack of state and federal support for transportation and watch as our roads become more...


Fredericksburg was recently recognized as having the best quality of life for a city of our size in Virginia.


There should be housing opportunities for all income groups.


All of our children should have the opportunity to achieve success in life no matter what course they choose.


Fredericksburg has a vibrant visual and performing arts community. It not only adds to our city’s quality of life but also can be a bigger part of the...


Investment in public safety, water/sewer infrastructure and other services have not kept up with city growth.