Matt Kelly for Fredericksburg, Virginia City Council

Canoeing on the Rappahannock River


Fredericksburg was recently recognized as having the best quality of life for a city of our size in Virginia. One of the factors was the city’s trails, parks, and most recently, the addition of the multipurpose Fred Nats stadium now under construction. Expanding recreational opportunities contributes to our quality of life. As we move forward on the planning for recreational improvements in the future, we need to start looking for sources of funding beyond city tax dollars.

What Has Been Accomplished:

  • Served on Parks & Rec Commission during planning for Dixon Park and the pool. Involved in construction planning for the pool.
  • Worked to secure state/federal funding for the city’s trail system.
  • Involved in a 10-year effort to bring a multi-use recreational facility (stadium) to Fredericksburg.

The Next Four Years:

  • Build public-private relationships to assist in funding recreational projects.
  • Continue to identify/secure state/federal funding for recreational projects such as the trails system.
  • Bring Dixon Street Phase III Recreational Center back into the CIP.

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Matt has been an active supporter of the arts in Fredericksburg

Matt was involved from beginning to the end in negotiating the Rappahannock River Easement protecting the view shed of the river in perpetuity.

Matt worked hard for many years to bring the Fred Nats stadium to Fredericksburg.

As the city’s representative on FAMPO Matt secured funding for the city’s trail system