Matt Kelly for Fredericksburg, Virginia City Council



Protecting the Rappahannock River, establishing parks and open spaces, and planting trees are not only good for the environment they provide recreational opportunities that contribute to our quality of life. In the coming years we need to expand our efforts to protect the environment through such efforts as recycling, and alternate energy sources. We need to look at what other communities are doing in these areas and learn from both their success and failures.

What Has Been Accomplished:

  • Partnership with the renewable energy firm AMERESCO to convert landfill gas into electricity.
  • Worked with Friends of the Rappahannock on drafting and passing the city’s Low Impact Development Ordinance.
  • Involved in negotiating/supporting the Rappahannock River Conservation Easement.
  • Involved in setting up a new pilot composting program at the Regional Landfill.
  • Worked on developing a conversion plan for the Potomac Rappahannock Transportation Commission bus system conversion to non-fossil fuel options.

The Next Four Years:

  • The city needs to identify resources and develop a realistic plan to reduce reliance on fossil fuels. Such a plan is a requirement for securing state/federal funding.
  • Work with George Washington Regional Commission to encourage regional cooperation in planning and securing funding for environmental initiatives.
  • Establish public/private programs to expand composting and recycling.
  • We need to begin a regional discussion to plan for dealing with waste in the future. The cost of options go beyond what any one or two localities can do.

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Matt was involved in negotiations on the Rappahannock River easement from beginning to end. He understands the importance of protecting our natural resources.

Matt has been involved at PRTC in planning for moving a major transit system OmniRide/Link away from fossil fuel dependence. e has also traveled to see what other jurisdictions have done to move this initiative forward. An electric train in Schwetzingen, Germany.

Burying our trash is not sustainable. Matt is chairing a committee at the R-Board to implement public/private options to increase composting and recycling in our region.

Matt with his wife Cindie spent a day of their vacation in Germany touring recycling and alternate energy facilities. Matt does not just support, he works, for solutions.